Remove and Refactor unnecessary files from the foodomaa script


Remove and Refactor unnecessary files from the foodomaa script


The regular price is 139.00. Promotional price of 99.00 for a limited time. Carefully read the entire description below before hiring the service.



Remove and Refactor unnecessary files from the foodomaa script

  • No hidden or encrypted files in your project;
  • More security and speed;
  • Upload the project in a private repository in Gitlab for control and management of updates;
  • Reinstallation of all packages from the Vendor folder, updating some obsolete packages and removing unnecessary packages.

This is a service that will run directly in your application’s code. In other words, this is NOT a module or file that you will download and install.


What exactly is this service?

We review the entire script looking for unnecessary functions and files, that is, files that are not used for the running of your business.

Many files and functions are used to monitor and track all script installations. For genuine users this may seem harmless, but it is not. These files expose your application to unnecessary risks that can compromise your entire business.

The developer of the Foodomaa script himself acknowledged this in another internet forum (not his own forum). After a user threatened to crash the system of all licensed customers he released a critical update. This fix is available here

Our developers will work directly in your application code to maintain all the customizations and business rules you have added to your application.

This service will run for any version and not just version 3.5. After running the service, your application will not use any hidden or encrypted files.


Does my license allow this type of service?

Yes. According to CodeCanyon’s licensing rules, you are free to modify and customize the entire system to suit your own needs. You are also free to remove any unwanted parts (unnecessary files, unnecessary functions, etc.). You can confirm this information on the links below:


Do I need to send proof of my license?

Not. Let’s use the principle of good faith. By contracting this service, you declare that you have a license to use the foodomaa script. We will act exclusively as a contracted developer. Any and all licensing relationships are between you, CodeCanyon and the Author and you are responsible for the integrity of the information.


What do I need to send you?

To run the service you need to send us a complete backup of your system, including exporting your database in .sql format.


What is the deadline to perform the service?

After receiving your files, we will complete the service within 7 business days (not counting Saturday, Sunday or holidays).


How will you deliver this service to me?

We will create a private repository on Gitlab for you to have access and knowledge of all changes made. All very transparent! You will know line by line what has been changed.


Other clarifications.

Obviously the company StackCanyon (creator of the Foodomaa Script) included these files to monitor and control all the script installations they developed. StackCanyon has the right to do this, we are not denying that right. Several developers who sell on CodeCanyon also perform this same practice. However, as the English philosopher Herbert Spencer said

“The freedom of each ends where the freedom of the other begins”

You have the right, the freedom, to remove any unnecessary functions or files from your own installation. Removing these unnecessary files is covered by the license terms as explained above.


All license related questions can be obtained from this link:


If you have any queries related to this service, write an email to [email protected] before placing your order. Once the work has started, no refund will be possible. The service will be considered started as soon as you send us the files. By hiring you accept these terms and conditions.


Foodomaa is a script developed by the company StackCanyon Technologies LLP which should receive all credits.



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